Ovulation Calender Calculator

Ovulation Calender Calculator

OCC can predict the days in which you are most likely to get pregnant
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Ovulation Calender Calculator is a program for women, for charting out the ovulation cycle. You can chart your ovulation cycle on a monthly calender along with a simple graph. If you are trying to conceive, then this program is able to predict the days in which you are most likely to get pregnant during your ovulation cycle, and displays them on the calender. This makes you aware of the days in a month, in which you will be most fertile. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, then on the days indicated you should not have unprotected sex. The baby's birth date, along with its zodiac sign, can be predicted by this program. The application is able to show you which days of your ovulation cycle are the best to conceive a boy and which are the best for getting a girl child. A calorie counter, along with the USDA database, is also provided in this program. This will help you to keep track of your weight and eating habits. You can also incorporate your exercising schedule into it. The Alarm clock function of this program will put you to sleep with its calming tones and wake you up at the specified time, keeping a record of your sleeping patterns.

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  • Calculates the data you need
  • Easy to use interface


  • A bit expensive for a program of this type
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